19 thoughts on “Review of Take Back Manchester

  1. 1:34 – "we aren't going to let you just come to manchester"?! Is that right, Mark? Is that really right? You better watch ya language, son. You're gonna get hit.

  2. I watched the Tory party conference for the first time in the last couple of days and OMG what a bunch of museum exhibits, what a bunch of sad old stiffs, even the younger ones are dead inside, they're not aware of what's going on in the real world cos they're all embarmed, their conference has all the warmth and life of a morge, what a huge contrast to the Labour Party conference, which had warmth, passion, compassion, humour, emotion, optimism, idealism, hope, the people there were engaged and alive, the Tories just seem like a bunch of old misers in comparison

  3. Push the button…that bunch of fuckwitted.. scumbag.. parasitic.. deluded psychopaths, need to go…who the fuck would vote for these nutters……………………………………………………………………..

  4. Well said chunky. keep your chin up m8. The revolution is just starting. It's started up here in scotland and I shout out to you all down in England to wake up and let's get these tory scumbags out. This is your time now England grab the bull by the horns and don't let it go. People power will win it's all a matter off how brave you are to get there. TORY FUCKING SCUM.

  5. Chunky Mark USED the Sweets Way estate people for puiblicity then RAN AWAY when the private bailiffs moved in.
    It was then he could have helped.
    Probably too busy fucking Russel Bland in the arse.

  6. tory values = homeless…hungry…out of work…destitute…sick…suicidal …robbed blind ;
    story values say …go kill or die to defend these marvellous conditions….for queen and cuntry

  7. it would take just two minutes for the cops to turn their backs to wipe the grins of these b/fks faces , the cops can't be everywhere, they need to use some form of transport to get to the pigs conference !

  8. 80,000 people (mostly not Mancunians) is nothing really if people are genuinely concerned there would had been more. Stop the war had over a million protesters, fuck me Man Utd at Old Trafford pullout 75,000 attendance every home game.

  9. I was in town yesterday to watch the match all the bars and pubs was packed because Man United was playing all the protesters was out of towners I didn't hear a Mancunian accent among them all posh middleclass southern lefties everyone was slagging them off and laughing at them in the bars.

  10. Yesterday was brilliant. I'm paying for it now though, but it was worth it! Was a real pleasure to meet you Mark. 😀
    I love that protest march atmosphere. The egging of toryboy was awesome – I've never seen an egg hit its intended target so perfectly..!!
    The ladies choir was brilliant – right down to NHS junior doctors…
    I shot so much footage it's going to take me a week at least to edit it down to highlights.
    And one more thing – the warmth, the humility, the compassionate were all out in the glorious sunshine. The tories were sat inside a cold hall with cold lighting with cold people being cold.

  11. Factoid: If a Dane buys Scottish land [one did – a huge swathe – or svøbe] – he paid tax – to Denmark – to pay for Danish schools : Scots got crap all – something is rotten – and not in the state of Denmark

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